Complete Solution

One Partner

Raufoss Technology has complete chassis expertise in-house, beginning with the materials and ending with an optimized component for the individual application. By applying our expertise to the customer requirements, we deliver the best lightweight, control arms solution on the market efficiently and sustainably. Our comprehensive design and engineering capabilities combined with our proprietary manufacturing process delivers best-in-class chassis products.

Key Benefits

  • Up to 50% weight savings compared to steel and up to 30% lighter than casted aluminum
  • Mechanical properties more than 30% higher than casted aluminum
  • Forging process designed for minimal energy consumption and CO2 emissions
  • Integrated ball joint achieves a smaller packaging size
  • Shorter lead times

Learn more about our expertise

We are a world-leading expert in aluminum forging and lightweight design. Raufoss Technology partners with automakers around the globe to deliver tailor-made aluminum solutions to support the industry’s new mobility evolution.