Raufoss is a Tier 2 forging manufacturer, supplying various well-known Tier1 control arm suppliers.


Raufoss Technology is awarded its first parts as a Tier 1 OEM for two European suppliers.


Raufoss ASA decides to move Raufoss from a Tier 2 supplier to Tier 1 supplier and implements structure and resources for ball joint design and manufacturing capacity.


Raufoss develops new pre-form forge and ExtruForm™ processes for future Tier 1 supply capabilities.


Raufoss Technology awarded Tier 1 business for front lower control arm and rear lower control arm for European OEM.


Raufoss Technology gets awarded Tier 1 business for North America -> Raufoss become global supplier.


Start of Production (SOP) of Tier 1 business at Raufoss Norway.

Raufoss launches preparation of new North American site in Boisbriand, Quebec, Canada.


Start of production of Tier 1 business at Raufoss Canada.


Neuman Aluminum Group acquires the "Raufoss Technology" Group.


Second ExtruForm™ by Raufoss Norway.

Raufoss is awarded for yoke product forged in Norway and machined and finished in Canada.


Raufoss launches a development satellite center for North America out of Raufoss Canada.

Start of production of Second ExtruForm™ order of rear control arm in Norway.

Raufoss gets new global business award for supply out of Europe, Canada and China (new location).

Raufoss kicks off implementation of new site in Suzhou, China.


Raufoss adds new forging line in Norway to produce complex forging of yoke products.

Start of plant in Suzhou, China for their first customer along with the starts of production in the other plants in Norway and Canada for the new global program.

New business awarded for ExtruForm™ rear lower control arms produced in Norway.


Raufoss Canada is awarded new multiple rear links contract to be produced by Raufoss Canada.


Raufoss invested in new state-of-the-art ball joint lab in Norway.

Raufoss awarded front upper and lower control arms business for global platform with production out of Norway and China.

Raufoss launches first ExtruForm™ – Lite production line in Raufoss China.

Raufoss launches expansion of its development capacity out of Raufoss Canada.


Raufoss Norway awarded multiple product business for an European OEM.


Raufoss gets next-generation ExtruForm™ rear lower control arm for existing program for production in Raufoss Norway.

Raufoss Norway is awarded new business of front lower control arms with a new OEM.


Raufoss is awarded new front lower control arm program to be supplied out of China and Mexico.

Start of production of 9 new forged assembled part contracts for Raufoss Norway.

Raufoss is awarded two major programs of link arms for production in Raufoss Canada and a new site in Mexico.


Raufoss is awarded new front lower control arm business for production at Raufoss Canada and China.

Raufoss kicks off preparations for a new facility in Mexico. Location determined out of Lagos De Moreno (near Leon).

Raufoss gets new business of front lower control arm for electric cars and start in production for global platform in Raufoss China site.

Raufoss kicks off new second phase of ball joint Lab in Norway (double its capacity).

Raufoss Norway expansion of manufacturing capacity with a second manufacturing site in Hundalen, Norway.


Raufoss Mexico new plant construction.

Raufoss gets new business order for rear lower control arms in Norway and is also awarded ExtruForm™ business for two programs with another OEM with suppliers out of Norway and Canada.

Raufoss gets first award of ExtruForm™ damper forks production out of Raufoss Norway and China.

Raufoss Canada is awarded business for multiple forged parts and ExtruForm™ spring link with production in Canada and also gets a new ExtruForm™ program award with supply out of Raufoss Norway.


Raufoss adds new site and capacity with installation of Raufoss Mexico site, new forging lines in Canada and China, 13 machining centers and 6 assembly cells.


Start of production of Raufoss Mexico plant with 3 assembled control arm programs, including ball joints.


Start of production of new forging lines in Canada and China, including building expansions in Mexico, Canada and China.

Start of production of new multiple machining and assembly centers in Canada, Mexico and China.


Raufoss adds new machining and assembly centers in Raufoss Canada.

Start of production of programs obtained in 2017 both in Raufoss Norway and Canada.


Start of production of two new ExtruForm™ programs in Raufoss Norway and launch of additional capacity for North American program in Raufoss Canada.


Raufoss launches the implementation of a standalone "Raufoss Technology" Group by Q3 2022.

Raufoss acquires VT2i in France, specialist of mechanical sub-assemblies, links and suspension parts (ball joint function).


During the evolution of Raufoss, the company has implemented all required quality and environmental certifications for all sites.

Many supplier excellent achievement awards for quality, delivery and engineering development awarded to Raufoss from customers.