Import and Export Analyst

Department: Purchasing & Logistics
Location: Jalisco, Mexico
Application due: September 16, 2022

The Import and Export Analyst performs the administrative functions inherent in the function of import and export of goods (Logistics, Traffic and Transport), any Purchasing skill is also required. The position will work closely with the position-related areas to implement process improvements, while aligning with overall quality and business requirements.

Specific responsibilities

  1. An import and export analyst is required to:

1.1. Collaborate with the production planning area to guarantee the raw material and components on time, carrying out the analysis to cover the requirements aligned with the inventory policy.

1.2. Coordinate the import and export of material goods such as raw materials, spare parts and related components, the follow-up of certificates and the necessary documentation before the competent authority based on the government regulations provided in this regard.

1.3. Integrate the records of each of the import and export operations carried out while keeping the file of the same under surveillance and control as required by law.

1.4. Review the integration of the expense accounts by the Customs Agents of each of the operations carried out verifying that they are correct and documented, and carry out the process of the corresponding payments according to the negotiated agreements.

1.5. Reconciliation of balances and support in the request for payments corresponding to customs agents and foreign suppliers.

1.6. Analysis of import costs

1.7. Participate in the purchasing process (support when needed)

1.8. Working in INFOR system as a desirable skill

1.9. Applies C-TPAT requirements in the area as desirable

1.10. Acquire knowledge about the supply chain and logistics to be able to cover the purchasing process as a backup.

1.11. Use appropriate risk management to avoid unforeseen error modes and improve process capacity.

1.12. Treatment and Negotiation with transport companies/ Budgetary control/ treatment and negotiation with customs agents (Maritime/ Air/ Land).

1.13. Support and collaboration in the implementation, control of programs and certifications such as IMMEX, IVA, PROSEC and others.

1.14. Work on program management to ensure readiness in new program launches.

  1. Business improvements

2.1 Support the company for inventory management (when needed)

2.2 Support quality and process improvement initiatives that promote continuous and cost improvement.

3 Know aspects, impact, objectives, indicators, programs, policies, risks and environmental opportunities applicable to the area.

4 Know the procedures of environmental management system:

4.1   Procedimiento para la Administración de Residuos de Manejo Especial y Residuos Sólidos Urbanos.

4.2  Procedimiento para la Administración de Productos Químicos.

5 Any task that is necessary if the entrepreneur requires it


Available for occasional trips to other global sites and local suppliers

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Essential skills required

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