North American Sales Engineering Manager

Department: Sales
Location: North America
Application due: May 20, 2023

The North American Engineering Manager is a key member of the Level 2 management team, reporting to the CEO. He is responsible for the development of the North America’s market of the company product portfolio. The position requires contributing to the company’s marketing plan and customer base. This position is based in the United States.

Respect, integrity and agility are part of our core values at Raufoss and we recruit people who share these principles. We value diversity, equity and inclusion.

By joining Raufoss, you will benefit from several advantages and work in a frienfly, human environment.

Specific Responsabilities:



Assist plants with resourcing, budgeting and problem solving activities.


This position involves monthly travelling abroad ( Europe, Asia, North America)

Qualification and requirements: 



Essential Knowledge:


If you are interrested in a new challenge in the automotive industry, here is a good opportunity to join the Raufoss family!

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