Machining & Assembly

Through in-house machining and assembly, Raufoss Technology can prepare and integrate the required control arm components – bushings and ball joints – to deliver a lightweight complete assembly. Our highly automated cutting-edge processes enable further reductions in product size and weight, while ensuring a robust, durable solution.

Ball Joints

Raufoss Technology is one of the only aluminum forging suppliers to design the ball joints to be integrated directly into the control arm. In doing this we can further reduce the size and weight of the products. With more than 40 million ball joints on the road globally, we are the experts in the design and development of aluminum lightweight assemblies.


We are able to accommodate a customer’s bushing requirements and efficiently assemble the complete system.

Key Facts

  • High-volume machining
  • Fully automated machining and assembly centers
  • Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) cutting capabilities
  • 100% in-house assembly
employee at machine

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We are a world-leading expert in aluminum forging and lightweight design. Raufoss Technology partners with automakers around the globe to deliver tailor-made aluminum solutions to support the industry’s new mobility evolution.