Industry awards 2022 to Norway Hunndalen plant

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About the Industry Award

The industrial companies in Innlandet Norway are responsible for global technological development and restructuring. Skilled women and men at all levels in the companies are behind it! Our industries are key components to several challenges the world is currently facing. Industrial innovation, innovation and development have perhaps never been more important. Nor such a price.

The Industry Award 2022 aims to raise enthusiasm and pride of everyone who contributed to the development and growth in their companies. The awards goes to skilled women and men who work in the various industrial companies.

Team of the year. The jury’s reasoning:

In the competition for this year’s team, a total of 8 candidates have entered. It was not difficult to find teams who answered all the criteria well, and who by a good margin deserved to come up here on the podium today.

But we are required to make a choice. And our vote landed on a team we found particularly worthy.

This year’s team is a committed and skilled bunch, all of whom have a burning commitment to their workplace. Since 2016, they have built up this department together to become world class in terms of productivity and systematic improvement work.

The combination of experience and youthful enthusiasm is shown in the form of execution ability and willingness to constantly develop one’s workplace.

This year’s team is without a doubt a group of skilled, goal-oriented and committed women and men, who deliver well above the target of over 85% productivity in all areas.

The winner and Team of the Year 2022 are:
Hunndalsgjengen, Raufoss Technology
Award for team of the year 2022

Mounted on the wall in Raufoss Technology Plant Hunndalen


Thomas Wasenden wrote this letter to the company:

The so called industry days were held at Raufoss and as a conclusion to this week, the Industry Prize was awarded during a gala evening on october 27th, 2022. The purpose of the event was to celebrate the industry and those who work tirelessly for their companies every day.

The winner of the Team of the Year award was “Hunndalsgjengen” at Raufoss Technology! In competition with 8 other strong teams from Raufoss and surrounding areas, our production team in Hunndalen emerged as the top winner. A huge congratulations to the Hunndalen team for their excellent work.

We had nominees in several categories, including Employee of the Year – Male and Female, Apprentice of the Year and Team of the Year.

Thomas Wasenden
Plant manager