Raufoss provides innovative design for Porsche and Audi PPE Platform

Wednesday, March 31, 2021 | Canada Back

The PPE platform, Premium Platform Electric, is the Volkswagen’s Group all electric architecture for their premium segment of SUV’s and larger sport cars. Porsche is in the lead of this development, all together eight Porsche and Audi vehicles will be launched on this platform, starting with the Porsche Macan in November 2022. Several of these vehicles are brand new nameplates and are currently not disclosed to the market yet. These vehicles will be launched over a 5 years period, indicating a 13 years life time for the platform with an estimated 2,6 million cars to be built.

Raufoss will manufacture the spring link as an ExtruForm part in two main versions for the rear axle. This is Raufoss’ first contract award with the Volkswagen group and our hope is that this will be the first of several future awards.

Due to the size of the vehicles and the weight of the batteries, some of these vehicles are pretty heavy. This, in addition to requirements from Porsche and Audi car assembly lines, has led to a fairly spectacular but robust design. Porsche engineers are impressed with our engineering and manufacturing skills.