Raufoss Technology acquires VT2i in France

Tuesday, September 6, 2022 | France Back

Raufoss Technology, a global Tier-1 partner to the automotive industry, has acquired VT2i in Ramonchamp (France). The site designs and manufactures automotive ball joints as well as a wide range of chassis components. VT2i counts many international carmakers among its customers. “Investing further into our own ball joint design and manufacturing capabilities and expanding our product portfolio is an important strategic step for us in strengthening the competitiveness and attractiveness of our global chassis business” emphasizes Matthias Benz, CEO of Raufoss Technology.

Raufoss is one of the leading manufacturers of light-weight aluminum chassis components. With a full integration of the value chain from R&D, forging & forming, machining and assembly as well as a profound material knowledge, the company is providing state of the art solutions for its customers in a growing market. Electromobility has a major impact on the design and specification of axle systems as well as on chassis components. As the vehicles become heavier due to the electrification, the weight has to be offset and chassis components have significant potential. Additionally, aluminum chassis components enhance vehicle suspension performance while fulfilling all stringent criteria of a modern axle system.

Xavier Grandjean, CEO of VT2i, emphasizes the growth opportunities this acquisition will bring to the company : “Being part of a global organization like Raufoss will create for VT2i the critical size needed to handle large OEM-orders, and thus provide significant growth opportunities for VT2i”.

Since September 5, 2022, the former TRW plant in Ramonchamp and its approximately 100 employees are part of the Raufoss Group. In future, the ball joint experts will collaborate closely with their colleagues in Raufoss Technology. The new location will continue to operate under the name VT2i.

Raufoss Technology is part of Austria based CAG-Holding, owned by Dr. Cornelius Grupp. Raufoss operates plants in Norway, France, Canada, Mexico and China and will post 300 Mio € in Sales in 2022.


Visit VT2i website : Fabricant de sous-ensembles mécaniques et pièces de liaison au sol | VT2i