Aluminum Forming Technology

Our specialized forging processes enable us to produce a variety of aluminum chassis products, including those requiring complex configurations.

ExtruFormTM (Cold Forming)

Our patented forming process utilizes in-house designed tools to press and cold form aluminum products that are up to 50% lighter than steel. The process is highly efficient and fully automated to meet the high-volume production the auto industry requires.

Hot Forging

Our hot forging process includes a special pre-forming forge and integrated heat treatment to produce aluminum chassis products with better mechanical properties in a highly sustainable way.

hot forging machines

Key Facts

  • In-house hot forging and cold forming capabilities
  • Expertise of materials
  • Manufacturing of complex designs control arm
  • Global manufacturing presence

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We are a world-leading expert in aluminum forging and lightweight design. Raufoss Technology partners with automakers around the globe to deliver tailor-made aluminum solutions to support the industry’s new mobility evolution.